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Light Racing Polycarbonate Lexan Windows
Ceiling Light Lens Diffuser, Ceiling Lenses - Artfiberglass

  • Suspended Fluorecent Ceiling diffuser Light panels
  • Many Art Designs To Choose
  • Also custom artworks, Lions, Horses, Foodog temple Lions Art Designs To Choose

Beautify Your Fluorescent Ceilings !!
Backlighted Decorative Ceiling artworks Panels

Standard Design 2' x 4' Panels

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Body Parts

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Sky Ceiling Art

sky ceiling cloud light lens

Sky Ceiling Art

Sweet Home, OR 97386
PH: 1-541-359-4708

Artfiberglass custom Ceiling light Panels

Custom Order Items:
Light Racing Polycarbonate Lexan Windows
Custom Ceiling Light Lens

Acrylic Light lenses with Photo images printed Direct on the light lens panels. Standard are 23 3/4" inch X 47 3/4" inch.
custom sizes are welcome
Easy to Install

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Custom Ceiling Lens

decorative sky cloud ceiling lens

  • Suspended Fluorecent Ceiling diffuser Light panels
  • Highest Quality Material
  • High Impact Polymer Lenses
  • Self Extinguishing in a Fire
  • Many Beautiful Art Image Designs
  • Custom Layout Sizes and Designs
  • Easy to Install

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Let's Beautify Our Fluorescent Ceilings !!
Many Uses For Our Decorative Panels

Custom Design 2'x 4' or 2'x 2' Panels

Add some affordable Art and color to your home or Office.
Design your special panel!

Custom Orders Welcome !

  • Kitchens
  • Physicians Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Day Care Centers
  • Surgery Recovery Rooms
  • Hospital
  • Fluorecent Ceiling in Hospitals
  • Dentist Office Fluorescent Ceiling
  • Doctor Office
  • Hair/nail salons
  • Physical Therapists
  • Office Ceiling
  • Artworks
  • Fluorescent Diffuser
  • Fluorescent Ceilings
  • Ceiling Light Lens
  • Kitchens
  • Decorative
  • Partitions
  • Gazebo
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Nurserys
  • Markets
  • Ceiling Light Panels
  • Hot tub Enclosures
  • Cabinet Door Panels
  • Garage Door Windows
  • Fluorecent Counter Displays
  • Fluorescent Light Panel
  • Walls

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Fine Stone Art

Fine Art Jade carving Artworks, Bone Carvings, Marble Carving, Dragon boat, Flowers, Elephants, Horses, Jade Buddha, Dragons. Jade is the anniversery gift for 35 years of marrage.Marble Art!
Click the picture

Jade Carving
Marble Sculpture
Bone Carvings

Jade, the 35 Year Anniversary Gift
Easy to order
We Ship Right to your door

marble Foo Dog sculpture

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Phone 1-541-359-4708

Custom Orders Welcome !

Kwanyin Statue hand carved marble sculptureKwanyin Statue from our marble sculptors

Our Stone Art websites

Fudog Artworks, Temple Lions

Custom Large Foodog Temple Lions

Beautiful Kwanyin Artwork Statues

Custom Quanyin Artwork Statues

Custom Lion Statues

Jade Flower Trees

Bone Artwork Carvings

Jade Elephants

Jade Horses

Dragon Boats

Buddha Artwork Statues

Thai Prayer Spirit House



Oriental Statuary.Com


Ruby and Sapphire

Buddha Statue

Marble Artwork Statuary

Marble Garden ArtworkStatues


New ! Jade and Stone Art

Visit Our Fine Art Websites:

The Exotic Treks website is for sale

Contact Us At Artfiberglass

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Contact; Artfiberglass
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386
USA: Phone 541-359-4708

new NEWS FLASH ! !

We were first in the Orient in 2000 year and several trips each year since.
Visiting the many trade shows and factories.
In 2012 we have expanded to other Asia countries for our search for fine art and the best artists.
We Found Many exciting new products for the website.

Our latest photos are from Our Marble Carving Sculptors and stone carvers in Asia.
Loving art, we fell in love with these fantastic marble stone art sculpture carvings as far back as 2004.
This experience is the ultimate in hand crafted stone art works.
These are the best of the best ! We don't often get to see these rare works of art in the USA.
We have some past wonderful photos of the best of the carvings from carvers from the Jade carvers in the Orient as well
which we have acquired special permission to order direct from Asia for you.
The fine custom order marble statue carvings can be shipped right to your door.
Our latest finds are from the Asia Marble statue Carvers.
We also have a vast amount of items in stock but we still do alot of custom made to order art statues.

These additions will make and even better.
Also Click the Jade Flowers pictured below.
We have DIRECT contacts with the artists and factories in the orient. !
If you need Stone art of any kind, Small, large or a Shipping Container full, we can get it for you !!
We work with a very good shipping company over seas for several years now that make shipping very easy.
We Also have some beautiful Handmade Jade and Bone Carvings Click the Jade Flowers to see them.

Large jade and marble Carvings

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Then we will make a shipping quote for your items to keep costs down.

Use Paypal simply by clicking on the Graphic Banner Link Below.


We need your complete physical address and phone number for shipping.
No Po Box! Fed Ex and UPS will not ship to a post office box.
* Open Hours * 8am to 5pm Pacific Time- Monday thru Friday (Closed Weekends and Holidays)


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Visit Our Other Sites


Our Gemstone Jade and marble Sculpture Carving website Factory Direct
Factory Direct! Marble Statues and Sculptures, Art Imports


WW2 Merchant Marine Pages

Jade Sculpture Garden Carving

Marble Sculpture Garden Carving

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